Enhance the value of your conference with an online content library

A conference organizer always strives to add extra value to a conference or an association. One idea is to add an online library to display conference content like presentations, audio streams and webcasts after the actual meeting is already closed.


The main reasons why a conference organizer should invest in an online library are:
  • Extend the delegate’s post-conference experience with actual content

  • Reach and serve those who could not attend the conference

  • Designated areas for the association can generate interest in the association and therefore result in additional members

  • Sponsors could be given extra exposure

  • Delegates interests must be supported by clear search functions

  • An incorporated e-learning platform could generate traffic to the online library, income to the association and benefit to the learning experience of a participant

Generating extra income for the association by charging selected presentations or access to the e-learning platform

To learn more about how you can add extra value to your conference watch this interesting video interview with Astrid Vuketich, Head of Business Development of WEBGES <press play>

Written by Richard Rettenbacher, CEO of WEBGES

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