How Technology Based Entertainment Create the Ultimate Custom Experience

Ten years ago event apps hadn’t been invented.  Nowadays attendees can’t imagine an event without one.  Technology has changed the face of events; from event apps and online registration to live analytics and event software, technology has permeated every aspect of events. 

With the use of technology to increase ROI, improve attendance and engage with attendees, it is also being incorporated in to event entertainment to create custom event experiences.  Here, we look at ways that technology based entertainment is being used to display branding, interact with audiences and leave attendees with a lasting impression.

iPads – The ipad Dance Show is an innovative performance that has been used to launch cars around the world thanks to the exciting concept of the show and its ability to be fully customised.  The show is fully bespoke with event planners deciding on the number of dancers, the choreography and the type of graphics displayed on the iPads (held by the dancers).  This is high impact technological entertainment for corporate event planners looking for ‘Wow Factor’ and an interactive entertainment option that will engage audiences.

Virtual Art – An exciting new art form to take the corporate event world by storm is Projection Painting.  This exciting visual display is fully customisable depending on the event, with performers using tablets, projectors and their imaginations to bring their surroundings to life.  This site-specific live art form adds a surreal element to rooms and building.

Water & Light – The Information Waterfall can be a one-off show or a permanent installation for corporate clients.  Using special lighting and solenoid valves, water droplets are released from the top of a metal structure in a programmed sequence to create words, images and branding.  This option harnesses technology for a unique way of displaying messages and logos at events for a truly memorable experience.

LED Pixel Graphics – Performed around the world for a range of corporate events, Pixel Poi harnesses technology in an effective way to display logos and images for a personalised experience.  The added bonus of Pixel Poi is that it is a great option for corporate events with limited space or a smaller budget.

Digital Art – Caricaturists are no longer using pen and paper to amaze us with their artistic talents at events.  Professional caricaturists are now using a range of digital devices and tablets to create personalised keepsakes for attendees.  Digital Caricaturists can incorporate branding and themes and also upload pictures instantly to social media or email.  Perfect for those on the go at events.

What to Expect in 2015 …

As technology permeates and alters every aspect of events, planners can also expect entertainment that incorporates technology to evolve.  In 2015, the entertainment that is expected to make waves within the corporate event industry includes Slow Motion Video Photobooths.  Portable photobooths were big this year and the launch of photobooths that video guests in slow motion as a keepsake will become more prevalent within events as they are a fun and quirky way to capture those attending corporate events.

Holographic Water Projection is a cutting edge show that looks set to make waves in the corporate event industry next year after Ralph Lauren used the new concept to help launch their Polo for Women Spring 2015 collection in New York in September.  A ‘water screen’ is created with a high powered spray whilst new technology projects graphics on to the water to bring 3d images to life with stunning effect.

Staying with the theme of water; we’ve been amazed with car video mapping and experienced the impressive visual display of building projection mapping this year, but in 2015 expect 3D Pool Video Mapping to take off.  Watch as the swimming pool comes alive with fish, coral, sharks and divers before your very eyes!

2015 could also be the year that Augmented Reality becomes a hit with corporate event planners looking to push boundaries.  Available on phones and other gadgets, a virtual world of computer generated graphics can also be created so that guests become a part of the visual display.  Recently used by National Geographic, the WWF charity and Pepsi Max to great effect, this is sure to be a big hit with corporate event planners in 2015.

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Amy Capron - Creative Editor and Media Manager
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