Lost memories


In the future, will the meeting participant in stead of little conference mints, find complimentary learning stimulating medication on the table in the meeting room?

Lost memories are not always totally lost. Nature published a study that showed recovery of lost memories through medication.The function of the brain is based on a huge network of cells that make large numbers of connections between them. The strength of those connections makes the strength of the brain.  Connections between cells that are used a lot become stronger and connections that are not activated a lot become of less importance.
But like specialised services are able to reconstruct erased files from a hard disk, biological memories too can be reconstructed in the brain. An experiment with mice is described in which mice are taught to find a platform in water. After a treatment that disengaged part of their brain cells, they lost that knowledge. A part of the animals were able to regain the knowledge after intensive training. The same effect was achieved through medication that’ stimulates genes that are important for learning. This medication proved to be able to restore lost connections. Lots of speculation happens these days on how this could be of influence o dementia and other diseases of the brain.
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