case: MPI Finland organised a panel discussion on 'Objectives based Meeting Design'.
At a limited cost they have used some of our short video’s to fire up the panel.
1 Introduction video: Who is Maarten Vanneste ( 1minute)
2 Video: what are meeting objective and how do we discover them? (3 minutes)
3 How do we design meeting based on objectives (2.5 minutes)
4 Some key issues when designeing meetings (3 minutes)

Use these video's during one panel session or round table discussion to start the conversation.

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The session designer at MPI Finland said:
‘It went very well, thank you. The content of Maarten´s videos was exactly to the point, it was easy for the panelists to pick up topics for the discussion and Maarten driving his car while making the video was a good idea . We got nice instant feedback from the audience through our feedback system. Thank you very much for the contribution to our MPI Finland Chapter panel discussion at Kongressi 2013 event in Helsinki!’
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