Microphone feedback is 2nd most annoying sound

26 January 2007 International visitors to the BadVibes web site (www.sound101.org) — a research project from the University of Salford — listened to sounds such as a dentist's drill, fingernails scraping down a blackboard and aircraft flying past, before rating them in terms of their unpleasantness. Although fingernails scraping down a blackboard is said to be the worst sound by many people, the actual recording of this sound only came 16th out of 34 sounds auditioned. Microphone feedback came a close second in the 'horribleness ranking', with many babies crying coming joint third with a horrible scrapping sound.

If microphone feedback is a close second in this ranking, it is safe to say that any microphone feedback at meetings has to be classified as unacceptable. Sound technicians that do their work seriously and have the right equipment are always able to avoid Microphone Feedback. Every sound installation at meetings must be equipped with at least one 32 channel equalizer. Cutting budget in sound material at that level is clearly not smart.
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