Mobile Air Wall Avant Première: test set up in Belgium: May 12 2010

Mobile Air Wall was set up for the very first time in a test phase in Beerse, Belgium. on May 12, 2010.
With a background in Rock&Roll, the product was known for it's acoustical absorption. It is still used to improve acoustical quality of large concert halls. Now the same product is used in a more gentle surroundings: Meetings in Exhibitions or meetings in other noisy environments.
Now it is about acoustical insulation and this test made all involved a bit nervous. Not being able to create the real sircumstances of a meeting room in a noisy exhibition makes you wonder; will it work well enough?

The set up af the meeting room took a whole day of slowly building,  experimenting and searching for the best solutions for hanging, roof, the door, etc.

In all of this security and stability play a major part,fire safety,  Exit capacity, emergency exit but also comfort issue's like heating or cooling,  .

The Abbit team; lead by Frank Denies, combined with Eric from All Areas and the support from the inventor; Peter van der Geer, all realised much work needed to be done: mainly in closing the gaps, openings and cracks, the finishing touch.

Also the inside of the room needs attention, how to finish, make a nice ceiling etc.  The construction of truss, the special sound amplicfication, cold lighting,  the cerafull planning of logistics and use of space are all idealy combined within a project, managed by a project manager. Abbit meeting support has the global exclusive rights for the Mobile Airwall and is building a unique expertise and knowledge around this niche application in the Meeting and conferences industry.

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