Event insurance can be inexpensive, but the decision not to purchase could prove costly!
Apart from extreme weather conditions, the continuous threat of terrorism, political unrest in many countries and scientific warnings of another volcanic eruption in Iceland, we also have Ebola and the fear of its spread to consider. What next?
These and many other risks can be included by taking out a cancellation insurance providing that cover is in place prior to a pre-existing circumstance arising. One cannot insure “a house on fire”.

Arc International is an Event Insurance Specialist that arranges protection for organisers and suppliers involved in all sectors of the Global Events Industry. Supported by Lloyds of London Underwriters, no event is too small or too large for our markets that are always willing to consider new areas of risk and tailor cover to suit individual customer needs. Insuring early does not cost more but cover can sometimes be wider and should ideally be operative as soon as the venue contract is agreed/signed.

In addition to cancellation/abandonment, the cover offered also includes protection against Legal Liability risks in respect of death/injury/damage to third parties and Loss of or Damage to Property Owned or Hired-In. 

Watch this interview with Terry Waller at IMEX2014 in Frankfurt:

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