New MDI Member | The Red Line Project

Discover, share and make events that last
Every single meeting delegate holds unique knowledge. The Red Line Project helps you access this untapped wealth of information by creating a uniquely interactive learning experience.
We offer scalable event facilitation solutions for seamless and direct knowledge-sharing before, during and after your event.
• Communicate your mission
• Tap into your audience’s expertise
• Find the “cream of the crop” ideas
• A journey of discovery
• Independent of location, time and target group
• Across many platforms both on-site and digital
• Use of proven tools
• Awareness and engagement through an autonomous approach
• Your choice of data analysis
...and many more benefits we want to share with you.

The Red Line Project
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Twitter: @TheRedLineEvent
FB: @TheRedLineProjectdotcom

Martijn Timmermans  Rene Blom
Founder, creative       Founder, production


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