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Slidebox - It’s all about the speaker!
We give you a real-time overview of everything you want to know about the running sessions and their presentations. We can provide smart and reliable ways of recording, overflow streaming and digital signage, making Slidebox a one-stop-shop for all you presentation needs.
At the Speakers Service Centre we assist your speakers personally to make sure that their presentation will be displayed exactly as it is intended to be. After checking, the presentation will be available directly in the right room and all data are safely backed-up in a private cloud to ensure continuity of the programme.
We support all popular presentation formats like PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Prezi and PDF out-of-the-box. Additionally, we provide the speakers the possibility to show websites, HD/4K movies, YouTube clips and cloud-based presentations in their talks.
Delft, the Netherlands
Menno Pleij | Co-owner and Co-founder
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