News about POKEN in a magazine: Learn what POKEN really can do for networking, learning and business at conferences, trade shows, etc.

With a new approach to event networking and lead generation, Poken has just published a new high-quality print and digital magazine ( that shares best-practises, testimonials, and powerful case studies. Boasting such successes as having helped AMEX save over half-a-milion printed pages at its supplier trade-show, or generating over 13'000 digital interactions between 350 high-profile participants and exhibitors at ExpoNext, Poken is creating digital waves as it passes the 1'500 event mark in less than 18 months.

Few technologies in the meetings & events space have retained the industry's attention as having potential game-changing implications for event organizers, exhibitors, and participants alike. Combining some key efficiency drivers and a much-apprecited "fun factor" for attendees, you should be interested in understanding why Poken has been the talk of the town at an increasing number of trade shows, conferences, and corporate events. And here is the reason: Poken is creating a paradigm shift by equipping visitors so they can participate in the lead generation activities on the same level as exhibitors, providing a small USB memory stick, and a mobile app, that allow participants to collect digital documents, simply by touching stickers, or "tags", placed on an exhibitor's marketing material. Poken's new Poken Magazine shares the secrets behind driving participation in "touch surveys" to upwards of 95% of event visitors, and boosting the number of touch-points between exhibitors and visitors.

A discrete embodiment of Near Field Technology, or NFC - which has taken the mobile world by storm this year by being embedded in almost all smartphones - Poken is to the events industry what CRM has been to the business world - a structured, database-driven platform that through its multitude of plug-ins (and more advanced features) for lead generation, social media community building, mobile apps, and event networking, is starting to show its potential as a one-size-fits-all cloud-based tool that boosts engagement and provides clearer success metrics to all of an event organizer's stakeholders.

Check out the Poken Magazine online (or order a high-quality print version) at Visit Poken at the upcoming Meetings Show UK (9-11 July, Olympia, London), booth E20.
Press inquiries contact Stéphane Doutriaux, Founder & CEO by emailing
Is Poken going to be the Amazon of the events space? Poken's blog ( sure makes you feel they're on their way.

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