Coronavirus - Cancelling your event is not the only way

In light of the current developments of COVID-19, it is more than ever important not to succumb to fear. Yes, the situation is worrisome, there’s no denying that. But before cancelling your event outright, why not consider an alternative solution ?

Here are 4 solutions and ideas to ensure your events are not cancelled but stay germ-free !

1. Postpone – the situation changes rapidly. If possible from an organizational standpoint, why not simply postpone your event to a later date?
Tip: idloom offers an insurance system for this scenario! More info

2. Make it a webinar – if you can’t meet in person, why not make use of technology to host virtual meetings? Participants can still register online as they would with a live event, only without taking any risks.


To find out the remaining 2 tips, visit idloom's blog here.

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