Creative Event Ideas That Will Impress Your Attendees

We, event professionals, always want to make sure that our attendees enjoy our events to the fullest.

That's why we're always on the lookout for great ideas that would spice up our event agendas and make our delegates go “Wow!”

We've recently put together a list of 85 awesome event ideas that will do just that and more. See the full list here. Here's a quick sample.


1. Break the ice at the start with fun polls

Get your attendees in the mood for interaction right from the start with icebreaking polls. They work perfectly for crowds of any size.

Pose a thought-provoking question relating to the industry or the topic of your event and let your attendees vote in real-time. After delegates cast their votes, display the results on a screen and set them in the context of the session.

Try word clouds that work great for taking the pulse of the room and look impressive when shown on a screen or multiple-choice polls to crowdsource opinions on any given topic. 


2. Swap keynotes for more conversational formats

Giving a keynote speech can be quite stressful for some presenters. They have to invest a lot of time into preparing slides, the flow of their talk and they may not be 100% confident on stage.

Try swapping the traditional speeches for conversational formats such as fireside chats, panel discussions or expert debates.

In all of these formats, the debate is steered by a moderator which takes the pressure off the presenters. On top of that, conversational formats allow for diving deeper into the topic, with the moderator posing followup questions to the speaker.


3. Enhance networking with coffee break assignments

Networking is one of the primary reasons why people attend events. However, it's not easy for many people to start a conversation with a stranger. You can help your attendees make the most out of networking time by giving them assignments for coffee breaks or lunch breaks. 

Before leaving the room for a break, tell people to meet at least three new people and ask them, “What’s the most interesting thing about you?” or “How did you get to do what you’re doing?” 

After the break, invite delegates to share the stories they heard. You can do that using a mic or ask the attendees to submit their insights into Slido.


4. Engage your attendees with an interactive quiz

People love to play, and a little competition can both spice up your event and serve as a nice way to give away brand merchandise. 

You can run all sorts of quizzes. For example, you can recap a session with a quiz relating to the content that was just presented. This is an effective way to make the information stick. 

Or, host a general industry-related quiz at the start of an event, during or after lunch break or as a closing session of the day. Display the leaderboard at the end and give the winner a huge shout-out.


5. Let your attendees brainstorm questions for the Q&A  

You know the struggle with the Q&A sessions: Often, there is not enough time left, not enough questions or they're irrelevant. Take a different approach to the Q&A - it may as well be one of the highlights of your event. 

By the end of the session, encourage your delegates to think about the content they've just heard and then ask them to turn to the person sitting next to them, discuss and come up with a question for the speaker or speakers. Afterwards, invite them to submit their question into Slido live Q&A

Not only will you get more relevant questions, but a session such as this encourages networking, drives engagement and, most importantly, helps delegates learn more valuable content from the speaker.

For more tips on how to make events more interactive, visit Slido's blog.

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