Digital tools for virtual events

Shift to digital events

Due to the recent coronavirus crisis, live events can't take place. Everyone has to stay at home, and there are restrictions on meeting with people. That's why virtual events have become extremely popular. Organising online events, live streaming conferences, offering mobile apps and other virtual tools can be a good option now. 

By offering your event digitally, you can attract people from all over the world, who were not able to come to your event before. You can create a unique engagement with your participant and deliver personalised content. It is also good from a sustainability point of view. Your participants do not need to travel, hence, they create less emissions and less waste. 

Fanomena has collected several online conferences and meeting tools that can be used for your next digital event. You can choose between different types of virtual event formats and technology and they all offer some benefits.


Virtual Event Tools

Apart from zoom, ubivent, Fanomena Events, you also have Evia, Interprefy and Cvent.


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