Eat an Egg and Stay Alert

( New research at Cambridge University in the UK has found that going to work on an egg may be sound advice! Scientists there have discovered that egg proteins help people stay awake and alert during the working day.

The study, published in a recent issue of the journal Neuron, suggests that specialised cells in the brain are able to translate different diets into different patterns of activity – and also measure dietary balance. The research team focused on cells called orexin-hypocretin neurons that transmit signals for wakefulness and energy.

They found that too much glucose sugar suppresses certain brain activity, causing after-meal sleepiness as experienced during the "3pm slump". However, protein-rich meals are more effective at promoting wakefulness and arousal. Protein components of the type found in egg whites stimulated the neurons much more than other nutrients, the amino acids in the egg whites appearing to stop glucose from blocking the cells.

This study is yet more proof that eggs are a superfood. As well as being rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, eggs make us feel fuller for longer after meals, thus helping with weight control.

Another good reason for everyone to go to work on an egg!
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