Free credits for a month

Facing the current situation of several event cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Moove TEAM is providing FREE credits for their current and new  partners till 04/20/2020. 

Moove TEAM can be used to create trivia games, escape games, photo and video challenges, and more. 

Why free credits?

This one-month free credits initiative is an incentive for event creators and other creative people to dive into the platform and create great games and activities for those living these adverse times. 


How will people play my activity if they don’t have an iPad at home?


iPads are great to organise team-building events as they have larger screens that let teams gaze at it in group and big batteries that allow for intense usage. But the apps are also available for smartphones, not only iOS but also Android, so don’t worry, everyone can play your game.
Want to find more about this topic? Head over to Moove TEAM's blog  




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