FRESH Awards

Nominate your Meeting Design heroes!
The FRESH Conference wants to recognise the tools and people that contribute to designing more effective meetings. Do you have a Meeting Design Champion? Are you using a tool that brings great value to meetings? Nominate them to the FRESH Awards! Help us by listing your favourite Meeting Design Art, Human or Technology Tool.
Art Tools = can be musicians, dancers or actors, the use of colour or a slogan, a theme-video or group activities like singing or making a painting with a group, etc. 
Human Tools = Meeting experts like meeting designers, technicians, speaker managers, presentation designers, creative directors, producers, facilitators, moderators, etc. 
Technology Tools = can be a mobile app, hybrid technology, webcast, social media, voting, co-creation, networking systems, event management software, etc.
Nomination deadline: 7th October 2019.
The winners will be announced at the FRESH Conference in October. 
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Sofia Rodrigues Teles
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