The FRESH dinners.


Welcome drink, standing, with speech from host organization, and some light and creative entertainment. The moderator did a quiz making people discuss and work together. We used the Catchbox: the soft microphone you can trow to participants. Always a few things to discover for the meeting planners and producers.

International company: 5 countries at this table.
4 short presentations
creative meal (Jars with mini meals...)
game, quiz, etc to drive networking.

A large group of content designers, technology, creative producers, meeting planners and more. Limited and selected number of Venue's or destinations. Two guy's with one white glove each. what is going on?


Cabaret venue in Frankfurt. Living XXL under the ECB building. people get mixed after every course. Men first after starter: they stand up with their glass and go sit at another table...
After Main course: the women do the same... 
first outside and inside drinks
Demonstration of new tool, format, technology, ...

CLAMP dinner:
  • Content (a topic and a crowd to discuss)
  • Light meal so people feel good and have a good night sleep
  • Alcohol limitation: Water is served. Want alcohol? Just ask (wine or beer)
  • Mixing participants: 2 mix moments per evening
  • Private: so we can have a few short speeches.
The Moderator created a text for a hip hop song at the end and everyone was on the dance floor singing along, ' It's FRESH, It's cool'

FRESH DINNER Barcelona, Spain 2011

Dinner in a Club. With live singing performance and a demo of an iPad based quiz system for meetings and events.

Venue FRESH dinner: IMEX America 2014

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