In 3  online training sessions of 2 hours your team will take an existing event and turn it into an online gathering. The training is composed of 6 steps for participants to learn and apply new knowledge to a real team case. Larger groups can be split into several teams that do their own online project work in break-out rooms. 

The training package has a flat fee for the entire team and the group size can go up to 20 participants - organisations can also invite their crucial freelancers to join the training as well. The training is globally and available at any time. You can organise your team training in only a few days and plan all sessions in one day or three days, spread over one week or one month.




This online training, is developped by one of the most experienced trainers in this field, Maarten Vanneste, author of the book "Multi-Hub Meetings". We will share all the tips and tricks and answer all the questions you may have based on real-cases experience. While doing the training, teams will work in small groups on their project and step by step they will take their project online.

The programme is composed by three modules of two hours, each module includes two steps:
STEP 1 | INTRODUCTION: Going Online and the stakeholders, teams and tasks
We will have an introduction to and an overview of the building block like formats, platform, content design, speaker management, equipment and more. There is a  set of 7 stakeholders from organiser to participants and all of them need some input on what and how.
STEP 2 | FORMATS: online meetings, Multi-Hub and Hybrid
This module will present the basic elements of online and hybrid meeting formats. What are the different requirements for the onsite and online audiences? How to keep the participants involved? How to set up a Multi Hub Meeting? We will analyse a series of cases from a few hours meeting to two-day conferences.
STEP 3 | TECHNOLOGY: platforms, settings, security, online engagement tools
Different objects require different solutions. How to select the most suitable technology platforms and tools? We will analyse and demonstrate different platforms and solutions and help you easily select the most suitable technology for your meeting objectives.

STEP 4 | CONTENT DESIGN: online programme, engagement scripts, sessions, activities
The design of the programme can influence the level of engagement of participants. We will look at different examples of programme scripts and learn how to design a script to improve the experiences of participants and speakers. We will try different techniques and tools that will create variation in sessions and allow participants to be actively involved in conversations and enhance their learning experience.
STEP 5 | SPEAKERS AND PRESENTATIONS: speakers, panels, facilitators and moderators, presentationstyle, C&I, etc.
How can you support your speakers and help them design more interactive sessions? It is essential to learn how to support your speakers and create easy guidelines to help them design more engaging sessions and presentation. We will show some tools and tips that you can share with your speakers regarding session design and presentations.

STEP 6 | TECHNICAL: Audio-Visual, equipment, room set-up,  etc.
You better share some expectations with participants, as they all need to understand more about lights, microphone and loudspeakers. Basic things, that can improve the entire experience without a big effort. Also, where you sit (or stand?) and how you best set-up a room for Multi-hub meetings. A few fundamentals and ways to avoid classic traps in the internet connection all help. Think about props, what can you use (visual and sound wise) to entertain and make it more dynamic.


Even networking can still happen in online meetings


At this intense and immersive online training, your team will:

  • Discover formats, tools and techniques for different online meeting objectives
  • Join virtual breakout sessions and group conversations
  • Experience a highly interactive online meeting
  • Learn how to support speakers, participants and other stakeholders

Material included:

  • SCRIPTS: examples from the MDI member meeting, IAF online meeting and more;
  • PAPER: Case from a medical conference and #NotAWebinar;
  • BOOK - PDF version: "Multi-Hub Meetings"
  • The Meeting Design Toolbox – PDF version: a resource for online meetings and more
This training is available 24/7 at a fraction of the normal training cost and offers a fast and practical route to transform onsite (face-to-face) meetings into great online meetings. 
Contact us at +351 919 341 223 or sofia.teles@meetingsupport.org to get more information and available dates for your events team online training.
We can start the training for your events team next week! 



The Meeting Design Institute is providing a certification programme on Online and Hybrid Meetings. The participants who successfully complete this training  are ready for the future. With a report on a case, approved by our interantional jury, they obtain the designation COMD - Certified Online Meeting Designer.

For more information and registration click bellow:


Testimonial from Jane Cunningham - Director, Community Engagement at BestCities during an online meeting for their partners.
After an online meeting supported by us:
  • 98% participants agree they could apply what they learned
  • 97% agreed they met new people
  • 89% agreed it was highly interactive


President and Founder

Meeting Design Institute

Maarten Vanneste, CMM has been active in the industry since 1982. His background is Meeting and Conference Design, Production, AV, Digital and Hybrid Meetings and Technology.  He is the author of "Meeting Architecture, a manifesto" (2008) and the only substantial book on online meetings:  "Multi-Hub Meetings" (2017). Since 2000, he was been involved in several online and Multi-Hub Meetings projects. And supported dozens of clients to organise successful hybrid and digital meetings for medical audiences around the word. Maarten is an influential innovator, trainer and speaker when it comes to designing online meeting and conferences. For his work in the meetings industry, he received the IMEX Academy Award in 2005 and the MPI RISE Award for Industry Leadership in 2011. 


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