Green Event Planning Go Hand-in-Hand

Quick question: Are you already considering the environmental impact of your event?

Eventbaxx strongly believes that the support and planning of Green Events begins witht he use of event technologies. But how does event technology actually help?

Just think how much technologies or mobile technologies have influenced your everyday life and will continue to do so. So it is more than understandable that it has also changed the events we plan and attend. Our personal communications have changed the way we interact with our environment, our acquaintances and, of course, events. Over 90% of event planners report several studies that the best way to become green is to reduce printing and shipping. Over 85% of planners say event technology makes an event better, and you have a recipe for a positive ROI, satisfied participants and less environmental impact!

And! Going green does not have to be expensive. Event apps and event technology are in most cases associated with a reduction in communication costs per participant. Studies show that the use of event app or the introduction of similar event technologies generates approximately 1-1,5% of the cost per attendee of an event. Funnily enough, printing material is said to double the cost! 

The most important: Always keep the ball rollin'. While the event industry and the planning of green events have made a lot of progress over the past decade, there is still room for improvement. As you continue to think about green event planning and reduce your footprint, think about the power of event technology for the first time.

Want to get a step closer to make your events greener? Head over to Fanomena Events' blog here. 




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