How to achieve event app ROI?

Being involved in event technology, one question that consistently arises from event organisers is "How do I measure event app ROI?". In truth, there is no set guidelines on how to measure an event app success and if it was worth the investment. However, this article, brought to you by cube-i, will over an insight on how to determine event app success.


Engagement analytics

A great way to measure if an event app was worth the money is to take a look into the analytics pre-event and show days. Metrics to look out for are:

Adoption rates (75% or more of the room logged into the app and participating is a very good target)

Page views (Another way to measure not only event app ROI but also how event content on the app was received by delegates)

Voting and Q%A data (Delegates participating in voting questions and asking presenters questions through the app is a great sign that an event app is achieving what is desired

Feedback (Ask your delegates in a feedback form what they enjoyed about the event app technology. Nothing can really offer a better ROI metric than your own audience.


Time to build

Event organisers are sometimes put off by event apps due to time consuming set up and organising of content. It only makes that an event app that has a fast and easy launch will offer a better event app ROI. 

Lead time (Speak with event app providers in advance of your conference to discuss how long the process will take to set up)

Content & features (Discuss with your event app provider what content to display on the app and which engagement features that are required. If event app requirements are not finalised early in the event planning provess it will affect adoption rates and lead to worse ROI)



Many event organisers struggle to see the value event apps can bring when they discover some of the costs involved. Whilst event apps offer great engagement to audiences it does often come at a price.

Cost vs. engagement data (Compare the values between the cost of the event app and analytics of engagement)

Event app timeline (Measure the cost of an event app against the project from start to completion)


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