How to Build Authority for Your Events When You Are Just Starting Out

Planning a conference or trade show for the first time is a huge undertaking. It requires a lot of advanced planning and strategic thinking to achieve success. A great deal of success when planning an event is about building authority. But how do you draw in crowds and sell out tickets if you ahve not hosted an event before? In this blog post, we will discuss hwo to establish brand authority when you are planning your first conference or trade show.

What is brand authority? 

When it comes to branding your event, reaching the right target audience and positioning your brand as an industry thought leader is key.


Finding your niche and build a community

With millions of trade shows taking place around the world, it is important to differentiate your event from hundreds of others in your industry.


Develop partnerships with well-established thought leaders

This will enhance your chances of being viewed as an industry thought leader and you can maximise your potential reach by aligning with a few brands that people already know and trust.


Secure a top-tier speaker line-up

Speakers sell tickets. Iniviting speakers that are industry experts will only increase your chances of being viewed as an industry-leading event.


Build momentum on social media

The key to building momentum surrounding your event is to deliver authentic content that positions your brands as an industry expert and speaks directly to your audience.


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