How to develop a good marketing strategy for your event?

Your event is on track? You have the location, the speakers, the website is online and ready to welcome the participants? All there is left to do is to invite them to register on your website and try to achieve maximum participation. To do this, the establishment of a communication strategy and the rollout of well-organised campaigns is of utmost importance. 

idloom has curated an article in order to go through all the actions that could or should be implemented to maximize enrolment. They have decided the period that seperates the event planner from the date of the event in 3 main phases: Teasing, Acquisition and Closing.

Before starting with your marketing, make sure that your event website is complete and attractive. 

It is important to clearly indicate the subject and who the target audience is, along with what benefits this audience will get out of your event. 

Phase 1: Teasing

This phase is all about developing your communication on channels that you own, e.g. sending out invitation e-mails to your database, post on social networks, SEO, etc.

Phase 2: Acquisition

During this phase, marketing efforts should be focused on acquiring new participants through paid media and/or partners. 

Phase 3: Closing

This last phase aims to finalise registrations to your event, and therefore primarily targets people who have expressed interest but have not completed their registration yet.


Want to read the full blog post or looking for an expert in promoting your event? Visit idloom's blog here. 

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