How to Effectively Use Social Media at Every Stage of Your Event

Regardless of the size of your event, engaging your audience across multiplee channels before, during and after requires careful planning, dedicated on-site execution and thoughtful editing when everything wraps. 

Eventmobi has created a step-by-step guide to help make your social media planning and execution simple. They have devided the campaign in a three-phase process. 


1. Before Your Event

Start by creating a unique hashtag that will allow your audience to communicate with each other online. Incorporate other thematic hashtags that speak to your event's industry. You can also start engaging with industry influencers to help you reach a broader audience. By choosing the right hashtags, you will be able to connect with powerful voices that can help potential attendees outside your immdiate network find out about your event.


2. During Your Event

Build and foster a community for both your attendees and audience at large. You will empower your audience and attendees to engage in an authentic conversation that will give that all-important hashtag depth and meaning. Itentify trending topics from your event's activities and engage in the conversation. 

Display real-time User Generated Content on screens at your event or on your website.


3. After Your Event

Make sure to create brief, impact posts on LinkedIn or Facebook that celebrate key takeaways and learnings. People are more likely to share content featuring fellow attendees, so keep that in mind as you curate your content.


Get more tips andind out more about this topic - head over to Eventmobi's blog.

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