How to facilitate questions in f2f events digitally

Participants continuously associate questions, objections and ideas with the content they bring to thm. But only a few participants want to expose themselves to a hall microphone. Also, they usually get neither space nor time to speak up. 

By facilitating questions digitally, the focus of attention can be directed to a much larger number of participants. 


Teambits has two practical example to lay things out a bit:


1. In a recurring conference event under public law sponsorship, digital facilitaton was used to allow questions from more than 300 attendees and to present them in a timely manner to speakers and discussants of the panel through th facilitator. Participants used their own devices to ask questions.


2. In a process of change, top management decided to speak directly with 500 upper management executives. In this non-public event participants used completely anonymizd loaned devices and where able to communicate with the executive board.



Participants ask their questions or write their comments

A faciliator then receeives all incoming questions and comments

Participants' contributions are picked up by the facilitator and can be switched to a big-screen projection


Intrigued to find out more? Visit teambits' blog here.

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