How to make the most of digital content marketing

Fanomena is 100% sure that you have heard about digital content marketing before. Nowadays everyone is using the Internet to search for information, so there’s no doubt that online content plays an important part in your marketing strategy. While more and more companies start to use this strategy it is important to know how to do it in the best way. Let’s find out what digital content marketing is and how your company can benefit from it.


What Is Digital Content And How To Work With It

No matter what you are producing – blog articles, eBooks, whitepapers or newsletters – you should keep in mind several things in order to get the most out of digital marketing.

Start with identifying the purpose of your content and the target customers you want to reach.

You should have a deep understanding of your potential audience, as it is important to create a customer profile.


– What is their age? Gender?

– Where do they live?

– What problems they are facing?

– What are their main pain points?

– What type of content they are interested in?


By analyzing the answers to these questions, you will come up with an ideal customer profile and can then start to develop the right marketing strategy. The content you create should be relevant for your audience and correspond to their needs. Provide them with valuable information that covers their interests and solves their problems. Information that gives them the answer and the steps for the future. As a reward you will notice the growth of website traffic and increase in brand awareness.


The strategy sounds good, but make sure you have enough content to post in order not to get into unpleasant situations.

Just imagine:

Last week you posted two times a day and this week you created only one post as you have no more material. Sounds awful, right? In order to avoid this, create a content calendar and plan all your posts in advance. Be consistent with material you deliver and use various types of content.


Don’t use only 1 or 2 kinds, diversify it! There are so many ways to deliver information to your audience, so don’t let your visitors get bored. For data and statistics, you can use various infographics and timelines, while images and videos can be used for educational or entertaining purposes. It is good to interact with your audience, so create quizzes, polls and surveys to do that. Guidelines and checklists are important for collecting leads as well as delivering useful information to your customers. There are a hundred ways to deliver content, just turn on your imagination!

How A Company/Event Can Benefit

Now that you know what a digital content marketing is and how you can create it you probably ask yourself whether it will be profitable to use it? Does it really have an effect?

The short answer is: Yes, if it is done correctly!

Nowadays content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can use. Below you will find the main benefits your company or event can get from it.


● Reach Your Target Audience

After identifying your target customers and their pain points, you will be able to create the material that is valuable for your potential clients. Content that is important for your audience and that is connected to your company’s product will generate more targeted traffic. The use of digital marketing can help you in reaching people that are valuable for your company and can even create a personalized content for every customer.

One of the ways to do so is to use Fanomena Events technology to interact with the customers. Its digital platform allows to display engaging content types in an innovative way and make it personalised for each visitor.


● Company Visibility And Awareness

When your posts are relevant for your target audience and correspond to their needs, they will attract more and more people. The more qualified content you provide, the more users start to trust you. If your blog posts match their expectations, people will stick to you and go to your blog every time they need an answer. Further interaction with visitors can create a connection with them and convert them into customers in the future.


It is important to use keywords and SEO techniques, as they can pull your article to the first page on Google search and increase brand visibility and awareness.

Keep in mind, that regular content makes your business visible and competitive in the online market.


● Shareable Content

Another advantage of using digital platforms or social media is the sharing option. When people get inspired or impressed, attend an event or participate in a competition… what are they doing? – right, they are sharing this with their network! It’s a great possibility for you to increase the visibility of your company or event and improve brand awareness. The post you created can reach a much broader audience that was expected at the start and bring you new potential attendees or customers. To make a shareable campaign you can use one of the following content types:


– create interactive campaigns, like quizzes, polls and surveys;

– make people participate in giveaways or competitions. Learn how to use giveaways at events, as it can be a good way for promoting your event sponsors;

– generate fascinating or educational content for your audience.


To find out about neworking, engagement with the audience, qualified leads and higher conversion rate and cost efficiency, visit Fanomena's blog here.


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