How Millennials are changing the events industry

Events and conferencing is a forever changing industry. It may always be expected to deliver content rich, insightful presentations whilst putting on an array of refreshments to keep delegates in tune. However, what impact is the Millennial generation having on the industry and how can event organisers keep up with their expectations of meetings?

Milennials grew up in a world where digital media was the main focal point of their lives. From ordering clothes online, sharing pictures or videos of their experiences on social media, it is safe to say that content is expected to be delivered to them in deviceful ways. The same principal can be applied to how this generation expects content at a meeting or conference.

Cube-i has curated a blog post mentioning 3 main pillars: Visual, Presentations and Technology. Read on to find out how Millennials are changing the events industry and how you can adapt.


According to a study of over 4000 adults, the survey revealed that 85% of Millenials say they have purchased a product or service after watching a video. Offering video content throughout a conference is a fantastic way to teach, inspire and captivate a millennial audience. Sharing of photos and stories is also another fundamental part of a majority of millennials lives an this has spread into the events industry. The demand for engaging visual content such as photo walls, social media feeds, share-worthy venues or event decorations is changing the way event organisers plan meetings.


Ever heard of the term Death by Powerpoint? Like other generations, a millennial does not want to sit through long, boring presentations. They want to be involved in teh subject and experience something new.


Event apps are very effective at delivering content and interactive engagement throughout a corporate meeting. Demand for easy access to event content can be achieved with a click of a button instead of printing hundreds of documents. Event app features such as workgroup sessions, live voting, word clouds, message walls are engaging ways to bring out creativity and ideas from a technology driven audience, whilst also supplying them with information that they need to learn during an event.


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