How to Read Your Event Data and Create Better Experiences

Being able to measure events by data has become more and more important in the events and meetings industry. Starting from the number of app downloads to the percentage of new captured leads, events are generating a vast amount of data.

We measure how many people attended the event, how many present leads transformed into customers, the engagement rate, etc. But do you actually understand what event data represents and most importantly, how to do with it?

The thing about event data is that just looking at the numbers on paper is useless. To make the most of the data and actually justify the investment you have made in tools, apps and/ore software for event data gathering, you must learn how to evaluate it correctly.

First of all, let us look at the communication dynamic: You are constantly communicating before, during and after an event.  By extracting the right event data such as opening rates, click rates, number of comments on social media, etc. you can identify good and bad practices and subsequently improve your attendee's communication experience.

Secondly, let us talk about the networking quality: Are you able to provide your attendees with a satisfactory networking environment? By analyzing your data, you will have the necessary informatino to improve your guests chances to building meaningful business relationships.

Last but not least, have you ever asked yourself whether your attendees have a great brand experience? Did you meet all of your attendee's expectations? By decoding event data, you will be able to uncover the answers to the questions. This will then help you to upgrade your attendee's experience for future events.

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