Interactive Meeting Technology: 10 Ideas For Your Next Event

Driving interaction at your meeting should not be relegated to a Q&A session at the end of a session. For the most successful type of interaction and event engagement, you need to aim at a change in event-meeting culture where attendees become co-creators of the event experience. For that to happen, they need to be involved and that is not alwlays easy to organically initiate.  Evenium will share with you ten and more tips on how to make events more effective, using tech.

Improve Event Interactivity in Exhibition Areas Between Sponsors/Exhibitors and Attendees

1. Conduct Attendee Research

Encourage sponsors and exhibitors to use your event tech to browse the guest list. They can then compare it to their existing client list, their former client list, or any other demographic Then, suggest they design personalised communications to reach out to each group.

2. Schedule Private Meetings

By sending messages or texts or using an app, private meetings can be scheduled in advance. Things sometimes do get lost and inboxes are crowded.  Use technology to set meetings up easily.

3. Monitor Traffic Flow

By using technology like wearables for crowdshaping and monitoring traffic flow. It measures aspects of attendee behavior, like biometric readings and foot traffic and uses that data to create applicable insights.

4. Engage with Fun and Gamees

Technology can be your best friend as it is easy to set up games such as scavenger hunts with QR codes. One idea could be teams having to look among exhibitors for QR codes and race to get them all.


Want to find out the remaining tips, head over to Evenium's blog.


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