Key Event Management - Trends 2020

Event management is changing – but are you ready? With the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, events and conferences are being cancelled one after another to help cull its spread.
For many businesses reliant on face-to-face interaction, the solution has been to move small meetings and events online, and utilise remote interpreters to translate vital content for specific audiences. 
But as more and more meetings, events and conferences leverage the internet and technology as a means to stay connected, event managers need to be thinking beyond just providing a platform.
Last year, Interprefy spoke to over one-hundred event organisers and managers, asking them what they considered to be the defining trends for 2020. From these findings, Interprefy compiled a report – highlighting the main challenges and how to address them.
In these trying times where nurturing our social fabric is more important than ever, events retain the unique power to bring us together.
Download Interprefy's free Report to find out which trends are shaping the event management industry this year, and make your next event a success!
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