Konduko - a new MDI member

Konduko is a technology supplier delivering advanced lead generation solutions to professional tradeshows & exhibitions. Konduko has developed a cool, seamless and efficient way to deliver digital content and track visitor’s preferences/behaviour while attending tradeshows. Our solution enables the collection, qualification and analysis of customer leads in real time, offering strategic benefits for all trade show participants (exhibitors, organizers & visitors).   Additionally, by minimising the need for paper brochures through digital content distribution, Konduko’s contribution goes beyond technological advancement, introducing a more green and environmentally friendly option to the industry.
Konduko developed a number of technological innovations allowing us to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy in the quality of data provided to the exhibitors and organizers. Our approach was to create a solution that benefit and improves the overall experience of all 3 actors in the tradeshow industry.


Organisers receive visitor behaviour & traffic analysis, ensuring ideal exhibitor layout and price optimisation for future events. Our solution can be integrated within their existing systems and requires no additional equipment. The benefit goes beyond the monetary gains, allowing the organiser to differentiate their shows and provide visitors an elevated experience with cutting edge technology and minimal paper waste that one must carry throughout the show.


Exhibitors can more effectively qualify their visitors using a structured & systematic process to obtain high-quality information, which leads to more effective and “smarter” profiling of their customer base. With the Konduko product suite, exhibitors will never miss a lead or opportunity, regardless of how busy or how engaged the customers are.


Visitors no longer carry around bags of useless paper catalogues that rarely get read. Instead, visitors now have access to real-time information on products of interest, in digital format with their badge or Smartphone. Simple, easy, smart. Additionally, no more obtrusive and invasive scanning and “forced” interaction.

Saverio Patimo

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