Learning and experiencing two different things at the same time... Can you do it?

The day before IBTM World 2018, we organised a training on technology for meetings and events composed of 7 sessions and lead by 5 speakers.
At the start, the room was completely empty...  You can see the look in the eyes of the participants. They are all a bit worried. Did we forget to order furniture? Is the hotel staff on strike? Did we not pay our bill? None of the above of course, it is bound to happen something exciting at any training from the Meeting Design Institute. We start with a serious round of introductions, while all participants were standing in a circle.
Then the first presentation begins and we start by asking everyone to grab a chair and put them in one big crescent row. After the presentation, we briefly look at how the room layout functioned.
While the next speaker is halfway his presentation, we ask participants to form a horseshoe of 6 chairs and discuss the question on the screen. At the end of this session, we evaluate the small group discussion.
The next speaker speaks for 15 minutes and the following 5 minutes are dedicated to a group activity with a technique called the "two free consultants".  For this activity, we divide the participants into small groups of 3. At the end of the session, we again evaluate both the session and the format. 
The entire day flows from format to format, from technique to technique, while the speakers do their presentations. There is a lot of variation, different kinds of interaction, different group sizes from plenary to 2 participants, moving around, etc. A very intense and dynamic day of training.
Training from the Meeting Design Institute proves to #eventprofs that yes, you can learn in two layers! This session format full of session formats is called MOVE THOSE CHAIRS and the topic can be any of our 40+ topics on meeting design. The second layer of learning is called meta-learning or learning about the learning while we are in that learning. 
Take a look at this training photo album HERE.
We organise this training programmes the day before IMEX Frankfurt, IMEX America, The Meetings Show and IBTM world but we can also bring it to a conference space near you if you invite us. 
This training was sponsored by sli.do, Hotel Alimaria Barcelona, EventMobi,  ABBIT Multi-Hub meetings,  Interprefy, EventsAIR and CTI Meetings Technology.
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