Meeting Design Training for Venues

Your entire team elevates the service and speaks the planner’s language
Meeting Design is related to the profession of designing and executing meetings, conferences and events based on measurable objectives. The teams from a Conference Center, hotel or other venues can support their clients with meeting design by shifting from selling space to selling meeting activities, from offering furniture options to suggest meeting formats. The venue teams can help planners design more effective meetings.
Meeting Design Training with the Sales, Events Management and Marketing teams of the Austria Center Vienna – December 2019
We organise a personalised programme for your team for a half-day up to 5-day training. During the training, we address a range of topics such as mapping objectives using the Meeting Architecture Process, how clients select venues, the Meeting Design Toolbox, ROI, meeting formats, furniture, space improvement, hybrid meetings, and more.
The participants will be challenged to think about how they can offer creative solutions – different meeting formats and techniques. How they can use the space and discover USPs of their venue. And they will discover hands-on tools and techniques that they can offer to their clients.
Testimonials from the Austria Center Vienna team after a training in Meeting Design

As a sales or conference manager at a Conference Center, hotel or other venue, how can you support your clients to do more with meeting design? How can you support your clients with the meeting design components of their meetings? How can you help them design more effective meeting? 

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