A message from Shocklogic regarding COVID-19

During these difficult times, Schocklogic Team wants to share that they are currently supporting clients to host virtual and hybrid meetings. They have been implementing virtual meetings with their partners across the globe for a few years now. This means that they can still build an online programme. Using their mobile apps to communicate with your audiences/members, and also to view video/live presentations, statements from boards and holding discussions.
This quote from Kai Hattendorf (CEO, UFI; President, JMIC) sums the feelings up well: “We are a resilient industry. We have shown that in the past, we will show that again. We are all in this together.” If you are based in the UK, they would appreciate it if you could sign this petition , for the government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19.
Want to find more about this? Read more here
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