MPI Meet Different, Atlanta, GA February 2009.

The opening show contained some real loud audience reactions, clapping and screaming: The threats to this industry in the US are real as 55.000 participant conferences are canceled and large companies say “we know this is about perception, we do realize that meetings are business critical, but we cancel all 150 meetings anyway!” After the opening session, several people approached me and said; “Meeting Architecture!” “Strategically ‘anchoring’ meetings to corporation’s strategy is the way to stop these kinds of crisis scenarios for the future and Meeting Architecture will make that happen.”

A few great dinners and meetings took place and more people joined.

We started off with a MA2020 meeting on Sunday morning.
Here we had Terri Breining, Janet Sperstad, Amanda Cecil, Maarten Vanneste and we also welcomed Doug McPhee, Glen Ramsbourg, David Rich and Eric de Groot. Some new people were introduced to the conversation and different topics were discussed. The White Paper only was sent two days earlier and was read by some. There is a need for more concrete plans although many others need to be invited still and need to get up to speed. More conversation is needed to clarify our project.

The Sunday dinner at the Omni hotel in the CNN Centre were also joined by
David Rich from GPJ, Jeff Wirth from Side Coach Simulation Training (interesting product) and David Beatriz from Planet Digital.

Allan Baptista from MPI staff was instrumental in setting up a Faculty meeting on Monday. Some interesting discussion on formal education took place.
A diverse group of educators were there:
Amy Hightower, CMP, Barry Brantley from the Delgado Community College with a two year program. And Carl Winston Director of the School of Hospitality & tourism Management at the San Diego State University doing a 4 yare bachelor program.

A second small dinner took place on Monday evening.
Some things worth sharing:
• One person from a large agency said “I will hire Meeting Architects, when they start to graduate.”
• One person from a well-known  independent planning firm said ”We have adapted our sales presentation to the Meeting Architecture model.”
• One MA2020 conclave member suggested: “We should to plan an open conclave around education and develop the curriculum, a one day course, a 5 day course, a certification program, etc.”
• One Friend jotted down 8 action points, including the connection with some great and influential people.
• Ed Scannel said “I have read the book. Twice!”
• One MA2020 conclave member will start the connection with ASAE
• One video interview for Meetings Media and another interview took place.
• A 4 page article on the Copenhagen MA2020 conclave was published in CIM (Germany) and was sent to me by Kerstin Hoffmann.

In conclusion, time is right and momentum is building.

Maarten Vanneste, CMM
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