Networking, the magic force in meetings and events.

We say networking or networking events when we talk about putting people in a room with drinks and music. Yet what happens at such occasions is that most people will find their fiends and enjoy the evening together.  People have the totally acceptable and natural tendency to stay on well-known/safe territory and the amount of networking can be expected to be low.

"Networking is far too important to leave it to receptions and lunches." says Ib Ravn.

And right he is!

Networking is Important. It may even be the final buoy, saving meetings from going under all together, especially in an already challenging economy,

Learning (watching presentations) you can do on-line, but meeting new people, works really only face to face. The power of random; encounters is really unique to meetings: innovations are the sparks that sometimes fly around when one bumps into a stranger at a meeting.

And if lunches and receptions are not helping the networking, than what does?

What can you do at meetings and events, to enhance the chance that your conference will generate that next biggest research project or make two teams that create that new project together?

If you want to be in the driver’s seat and become a meeting architect, this session is for you. In one session you will see, get to know and understand the value of networking and importance of designing and managing how that happens successfully at your conference.

Experience firsthand what simples techniques can do and how technology can be instrumental in generating some real value in conferences.

Let’s also start the conversation on a few other topics:

Does size matter?  Is there a correlation between quality and quantity of networking? Is bigger better?

How about introverts? How do they network?

And a bit of science: what is the effect on the networking when holding a warm cup of coffee?

Do you believe in the magic of networking? Join us at the IMEX association day on ….. at ….
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