Festivalisation and the ‘New Normal’: Creating multi-sensory event experiences both off and online

What is festivalisation?
As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, the global workforce is becoming increasingly dominated by millennials and Generation Z, and this younger demographic is driving exciting change within the events industry. 
With a strong conviction that even business events can (and should) spark enthusiasm, this generation has fuelled a collective recognition of the fact that a forgettable, ho-hum event is a losing scenario for both organisers and attendees. The question this age group started asking is, why can’t all events be more like festivals?

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Have you ever attended a football match, live concert or any major live sporting event? Silly question, I suppose. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to attend one of the competitions at the Olympics? Remember what it felt like to be part of that crowd?
I’m sure you’d agree that the sheer number of people all cheering in unison, singing along to popular chants and supporting their favourite teams together creates a magical, unique atmosphere.


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