3 simple steps on running interactive online meetings & classes

In these uncertain and highly disruptive times an increasing number of people are working and studying from home, and meetings, classes and events are taking the leap to online.
The good news… using Vevox for an online meeting is no different to using it with an in-person audience.

For those of you that are not already using Vevox for virtual meetings, here’s our simple 3-step guide…

Online Events Grow in Wake of Coronavirus

Instead of scrapping their events amid COVID-19 concerns, more organizations are moving their face-to-face programs online. The multi-hub format, with multiple connected venues like this meeting with 18 hubs in Spain, combines the benefits of both. Barbara Palmer from PCMA wrote an article on th growth in times of coronavirus. 


Key takeaways from Maarten Vanneste:

How to improve the success of a postponed event?

Here are some tips for short term & long term and general general tips. #dontcancelpostpone


Make all those who were supposed to attend part of the renewed preparation. 

- Jan Jaap Maur, the Netherlands


Short term: Communicate with all stakeholders, organise online co-creation moments


Long term: Organisers -- use this opportunity to develop better online capacities



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