10 Tips for Running an Efficient Virtual All Hand Meeting

With the COVID-19 coronavirus moving people to remote working arrangements, holding virtual all-hands meetings has become the most efficient way to touch base with employees.

While virtual meetings are meant to make your remote and global team feel included, a poorly executed one might end up alienating them altogether. On the other hand, a virtual all hands meetings can do a lot for your employee morale, even if you aren’t able to have them present at the venue.

Coronavirus - Cancelling your event is not the only way

In light of the current developments of COVID-19, it is more than ever important not to succumb to fear. Yes, the situation is worrisome, there’s no denying that. But before cancelling your event outright, why not consider an alternative solution ?

Here are 4 solutions and ideas to ensure your events are not cancelled but stay germ-free !

Event software warranty against Coronavirus

Protect your event management against Acts of God, Pandemics, Terrorism

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that your events have to be canceled for reasons beyond your control. These situations can quickly prove catastrophic from an organizational and financial point of view.

idloom has decided that their clients should not have to suffer the burden of cancellations all by themselves. 

Read the full article here.

Remote Team Building Activities

The current COVID-19 crisis compelled many companies around the world to abruptly send their workers home and adopt remote work models. There are several tools to enable people to work and collaborate remotely. You can make videoconferences using Skype or Zoom, chat in Slack, and so on.

But what about the emotional connection that employees form over water-cooler chats and coffee breaks?

Addressing COVID-19


In the light of current events and continuous spreading of COVID-19 in and outside of Europe, Conference Compass would like to address this issue and share with you their thoughts and how they are prepared to go through it.

Video to learn more here.


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