​EventEye Envisioning the future of events

EventEye helps organizers deliver a delightful mobile experience to their attendees. Our lovingly designed app provides attendees with everything needed for the perfect event experience. With up-to-date event information at their fingertips, attendees are free to network and enjoy your event. In fact, networking is easier than ever for attendees, with the help of the app’s built-in networking functionality.

The XING Event Market

Which conferences are good for finding key contacts, partners and potential new customers? Which seminars are best suited to my profile and offer the best training opportunities? 
In this interview, Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, CEO of XING Events give us some insights about the XING Event Market.

Let the Word be Intelligible

This statement is so basic that it hardly seems worth mentioning, but in fact it cannot be taken seriously enough. In meeting situations, speech intelligibility is absolutely essential. When a few people meet in a small room, or many people in a large hall, or perhaps when a handful of people attend a video conference, if the spoken word is not equally intelligible to everyone, the meeting is not really a meeting. But what could possibly go wrong?
Hearing ability


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