Ready, Steady, Go! Or? - The Event App Launch Guide

Launching the event app to your participants is something a lot of meeting and event planners are a little anxious about. Not strange, as you send out invitations to hundreds or thousands of participants. EventEye has made an event app launch guide so that you as an organiser can feel secure each time before sending out invitations.


1. Make sure participants can access the event

Each participant needs to be added to the dashboard with a unique email address or given an event code to access the event.


2. Make sure you ahve uploaded an event photo

How to achieve event app ROI?

Being involved in event technology, one question that consistently arises from event organisers is "How do I measure event app ROI?". In truth, there is no set guidelines on how to measure an event app success and if it was worth the investment. However, this article, brought to you by cube-i, will over an insight on how to determine event app success.


Engagement analytics


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