How to create an ‘event experience’ on a digital platform

Virtual events have so many benefits. They are cheaper than physical events. They have a truly global reach. They require less time in setup and attendance. They are easy to measure and collect data. They have little to no carbon footprint and in the current climate they are now a necessity. Yet one of the biggest challenges event organizers face when hosting a virtual event is how to create an ‘event experience’ for attendees.

How to manage speakers for online events

Virtual events are only as good as the content they broadcast. Even the best platform and attendee experience cannot save lacklustre speakers and dreary presentations. However, without having to foot the bill for travel, accommodation and expenses, online event planners are now able to spend more on professional speakers or secure industry experts from anywhere in the world. 

Vision Meets Strategy: 5 Steps to Making Your Virtual Meeting Engaging

Virtual engagements – or at the very least hybrid meetings – are here to stay. Face-to-face access to healthcare professionals is expected to remain difficult even after the pandemic ends, and, in the interim, pharmaceutical companies have been working to repurpose their content for full virtual engagements. 


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