How to improve the success of a postponed event?

Here are some tips for short term & long term and general general tips. #dontcancelpostpone


Make all those who were supposed to attend part of the renewed preparation. 

- Jan Jaap Maur, the Netherlands


Short term: Communicate with all stakeholders, organise online co-creation moments


Long term: Organisers -- use this opportunity to develop better online capacities


10 Tips for Running an Efficient Virtual All Hand Meeting

With the COVID-19 coronavirus moving people to remote working arrangements, holding virtual all-hands meetings has become the most efficient way to touch base with employees.

While virtual meetings are meant to make your remote and global team feel included, a poorly executed one might end up alienating them altogether. On the other hand, a virtual all hands meetings can do a lot for your employee morale, even if you aren’t able to have them present at the venue.

Coronavirus - Cancelling your event is not the only way

In light of the current developments of COVID-19, it is more than ever important not to succumb to fear. Yes, the situation is worrisome, there’s no denying that. But before cancelling your event outright, why not consider an alternative solution ?

Here are 4 solutions and ideas to ensure your events are not cancelled but stay germ-free !


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