FRESH15 Explores The Future

WebVisions is an exciting series of conferences that explore the future of design, technology, digital media and more. From Manhattan to Berlin the WebVisions events bring awesome speakers with dangerous ideas.  These conferences are not from an association but they are pay to attend… What makes a man start such an endeavour?

Innovations in Meeting Design

Designing more interactive and effective meetings and events depends on how sessions and functions are designed. Not just for décor and flowers and light, but the design around the purpose - the objectives. Meeting design is therefore about designing the format, the flow, the content, the interaction and more! This is the most important evolution in our industry today.


Are you a student looking for a challenging experience within the meetings industry? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE: join the FRESH team and be part of the unforgettable FRESH Conference in Barcelona.  The application is now open: hurry up, we have only 5 places for the smartest ones!

When and where?


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