VIDEO: Exploring Meeting Formats

Meeting formats are probably the most visible and impactful changes you can make in meetings or sessions and most of them come with zero or limited cost. Encouraging your speakers to make these changes may take a bit of effort, but once you have them on board you can transform the entire experience for everyone involved, whether that’s the participant, speaker, sponsor or organiser. 

Four Values To Super Charge Your Conference Participant Peer Learning

In today’s high-tech, information-at-your-thumbs world, education models have shifted.

Our conference participants now have the capacity and cultural motivation to produce their own knowledge. They experience overwhelmingly support for creating and sharing information and connections in their daily lives.

Staff and Volunteers Management Tool

There is a new standard for staff and volunteers management introduced by InitLive. This company was selected as one of the ten top innovations at EIBTM14 for developing a creative tool - a staff/volunteer management app. 
Running around, walkie-talkies, texting, excel spreadsheets, outdated information...can be part of the past! InitLive helps you manage your staff and volunteers in real-time.



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