The new standard in presentation management

Slidebox was chosen as one of the top 10 innovations at EIBTM2014. And in this interview, Menno Pleij one of the founders of this start-up company, explains why they were selected.
Slidebox is all about the speaker - a new approach on presentation management applicable to all known presentation file formats, both offline (files) and online (p.e. webpages and youtube).

Is Your Conference Fostering Conscious Cognitive Misers?

Are you creating intellectually lazy conference participants?  Your conference programming may harbor bias toward minimizing cognitive efforts. In other words, your conference sessions and speakers may actual curtail participants’ thinking. Your conference could be creating happy fools. These happy fools blindly respond to their own problems by erroneously using your conference takeaways as accurate solutions. They avoid thinking, reflecting, and adapting those takeaways. Then when your conference takeaways don’t work, they blame your event.

Konduko - a new MDI member

Konduko is a technology supplier delivering advanced lead generation solutions to professional tradeshows & exhibitions. Konduko has developed a cool, seamless and efficient way to deliver digital content and track visitor’s preferences/behaviour while attending tradeshows.


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