9 Presentation Tips All #EventProfs Should Give Their Speakers

Speakers are the backbone of any conference. They have the power to make or break your event. More often than not, your line-up is the main reason why your delegates pay big bucks for the ticket and fly hundreds of kilometres to the venue. They want to see their ‘heroes’ live. They want to get awed and inspired.

What a horrific disappointment when your attendees, instead of getting involved, are forced to suffer through 60-minute monotonous bloviation and cluttered slides.

Enhancing the value of your conference

How can a conference organizer add extra value to a conference after it is over? Astrid Vuketich from Webges explains you how to do it by using an online content library. One idea is to add content like presentations, audio streams and webcasts on the conference's online library. Discover additional possibilities in this interview.

Seeing is not remembering, it turns out

People may have to 'turn on' their memories in order to remember even the simplest details of an experience, according to psychologists. This finding, which has been named 'attribute amnesia,' indicates that memory is far more selective than previously thought. "It is commonly believed that you will remember specific details about the things you're attending to, but our experiments show that this is not necessarily true," said Brad Wyble, assistant professor of psychology.


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