FestivalChairs served many purposes at IMEX Las Vegas...

FestivalChairs is a new MDI member and we used their corrugated cardboard chairs for our stand at IMEX America.  We stacked them as a decoration wall and took as many as we needed during presentations.

During our appointments with visitors (93 Hosted Buyers) we needed two to four. The chairs are printed based on our own design and sponsor branding.

New MDI Member | The Red Line Project

Discover, share and make events that last
Every single meeting delegate holds unique knowledge. The Red Line Project helps you access this untapped wealth of information by creating a uniquely interactive learning experience.
We offer scalable event facilitation solutions for seamless and direct knowledge-sharing before, during and after your event.


Event insurance can be inexpensive, but the decision not to purchase could prove costly!
Apart from extreme weather conditions, the continuous threat of terrorism, political unrest in many countries and scientific warnings of another volcanic eruption in Iceland, we also have Ebola and the fear of its spread to consider. What next?


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