You Need a Community, Not a Network

The internet is great for spreading information and rallying crowds, but you can’t mobilize people to collaborate and create something of lasting value simply by connecting them via the web. To get serious results from a network, you need commitment and a continuity of relationships among the participants.

New MDI Member | GruupMeet

GruupMeet® helps organizations streamline and execute meetings. While 80% of meeting planning processes are performed manually, specific aspects are more tedious and critical to the overall experience and too complex for the inbox. GruupMeet monitors communication and changes in logistics to ensure operational efficiency.

The FRESH dinners.


Welcome drink, standing, with speech from host organization, and some light and creative entertainment. The moderator did a quiz making people discuss and work together. We used the Catchbox: the soft microphone you can trow to participants. Always a few things to discover for the meeting planners and producers.


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