The FRESH dinners.


Welcome drink, standing, with speech from host organization, and some light and creative entertainment. The moderator did a quiz making people discuss and work together. We used the Catchbox: the soft microphone you can trow to participants. Always a few things to discover for the meeting planners and producers.

New XING EVENTS App with Upgraded Features

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 
  • Upgraded events due to more content
  • Discover events, find new contacts and plan your schedule
Munich / Walldorf, August 10th 2014 – XING EVENTS, the event industry expert for attendee management and event marketing introduces it’s new and updated version of the XING EVENTS App. The new features include improved usability and a comprehensive content management system that helps organisers present their event even better and provides attendees with enhanced interactivity and additional content.

New MDI Member | Lanyon Solutions Inc

The Smart Events TM Cloud combines our leading technologies for strategic meetings management (SMM) and event marketing into one cloud-based enterprise event management platform. A well-executed strategic meetings management program(SMMP) - backed by Lanyon StarCiteTM, part of the Smart Events Cloud - helps companies achieve major meetings management goals and automate every part of their meeting and procurement process. 


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