3 Foolproof Frameworks for Better Meetings

Meetings dominate our workplace and yet they receive unanimous hate all around. 

According to a recent HBR IdeaCast interview with Steven Rogelberg, a professor at UNC Charlotte, “30% to 50% of the hours we spend in meetings aren’t productive. 73% of people admit to doing other work during meetings; 90% report daydreaming. And 64% to 65% of managers say meetings keep them from work and deep thinking.” 

How to Add Value and Enhance the Event Attendee Experience

Have you ever left a conference or trade show feeling like you didn't get the best bang for your buck? You spent hundreds of dollars traveling across a country to attend an event and left feeling underwhelmed by the experience.

That is probably a result of a bad event that missed the mark on reaching its target audience.

So how do you add more value and enhance the attendee experience? Eventtia has curated some important tips for you!


1. Allow attendees to express their interests in advance

The Top Event Management Tools Used by Event Planners in 2019

EventMobi conducted a survey this year to understand the state of event management software technology for small and mid-size organisations. The results provide you with benchmarking insights to help compare your adoption and usagee of event management software tools against industry peers.

This article shares some of the data that was discovered related to the types of event management software planners are currently using.

Event Management Software & Integrations


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