What the Future of Events Look Like in 2020 and Beyond

We're reaching the mid-year mark of 2020 and it's clear there’s going to be a long wait before the global pandemic is resolved. On the bright side, things are looking a bit more hopeful for the economy as some governments have given the green light for business to reopen. This however, doesn’t come without the social distancing practices of our “new norm”.

How Can I Be Sure in a World That's Constantly Changing?

Leslie Robertson, Founder and CEO of Open Audience has recently shared his thoughts on the future.


I am guessing most of us are spending our lockdown days with the radio playing in the background. Listening to music is a great release and engages large-scale neural networks across the entire brain.

I had a ‘stand still’ moment this week when David Cassidy’s hit from 1972, ‘How Can I Be Sure’, started playing.

You Can't Cross The Sea by Standing and Staring at the Water

Entering 2020, Open Audience had for the very first time carefully crafted a 5-year growth strategy. They had thought long and hard about how best to expand, identified the new roles they would be recruiting and thought through how much to invest on what, and more importantly who would give them the money to realise their business goals.


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